A platform bringing together associations and foundations that collect donations for charity from users.

website mockups

The problem

NGOs donors need easy and effective ways online to donate because existing ways are not sufficient.

The challenge

Make simple process and clear to motivate aid organizations for registering, business for financial support and regular donators.

The role and responsibilities

Designer leading logo and responsive website from concept to delivery. Analyzing user testing metrics, paper and digital conceptions.


persona foundation
  • Age: 55
  • Education: Master's studies
  • Hometown: Zamość, Poland
  • Family: In a relationship, lives with two dogs
  • Occupation: Director of Programs at a Non-Profit Organization


  • make a fundraiser for the organization's aid activities
  • to promote events that will raise awareness and funds for the NGO's activities online
  • engage as many people as possible in these events, including volunteers, donors, and sponsors


  • "Advertisement spend is high and I need new ways to raise money"
  • "Local promotion of event is not effective”

“I believe that voluntary, single support for the organization will build resources on a large scale”


Anna is a director of Programs at a Non-Profit Organization. Anna is a friendly and approachable person who enjoys building relationships and networking. She believes in the power of collaboration and partnerships to achieve the NGO's mission. She is frustrated of the costs incurred to organize fundraisers. She wants to increase the scope of events.

persona business
  • Age: 48
  • Education: Bachelor's degree
  • Hometown: Odense
  • Family: Lives with a partner
  • Occupation: Business sponsor


  • To find a social cause that resonates with them and support it through an NGO
  • To create a positive impact on society through their actions
  • To network with other like-minded individuals and create a community of people who are interested in making a difference


  • "I feel my sponsorship is not making a significant impact."
  • "I am concerned of lack of transparency from the NGO on how my sponsorship is being used."

“I want to support, but I want to make sure my money is put to good use.”


Peter is a successful businessperson who runs a thriving company. Peter has always believed in giving back to society and has been involved with various non-profit organizations over the years. Peter will likely prioritize the effectiveness and transparency of the NGO, as well as his reputation as a socially responsible business sponsor. He will also be driven to make a positive impact and ensure that his sponsorship is used effectively to achieve his desired outcomes.

persona of donors
  • Age: 35
  • Education: College degree
  • Hometown: Vancouver
  • Family: Mom of two children
  • Occupation: Marketing manager


  • Sarah wants to contribute to social causes that align with her values and beliefs.
  • She wants to donate her money to an NGO that has a clear mission, a proven track record, and a transparent donation process.
  • Sarah wants to easy way of donation's making


  • "I usually do not have time for taking part in helping events, I need easy way to support"
  • "I would like to support a foundation, but they are scattered on the internet"

“I want to support an aid organization and see the impact”


Sarah is a compassionate and empathetic person who cares deeply about social causes. She is analytical and likes to research and analyze information before making a decision. According to Sarah, organizations are scattered on the internet, it would be easier to keep organizations and see the impact of them on one place. She values transparency, honesty, and integrity in the organizations she supports.

Early visual concepts

early concepts

We used various forms of idea description. I prepared an explainer video for a better understanding of process by business.