Karolina Stępień UX + UI Designer

Notary Office

Responsive website created for online representation of notary service. We wanted to build an accessible, informative and modern image. The Notary Office offers notarial services, such as issuing notarial deeds and providing information.


The problem:

Recipients of notarial services need online access to information, such as list of legal actions or the ability to easily contact, download documents at a convenient time and in an easy way. They also need comprehensive and well-organized information that can be accessed after leaving the notary's office, without thinking about notes on paper cards that are easy to lose.

The goal:

Design responsive modern and informative website to help people who wants notary service to reach them quickly and easily.

The role and responsibilities:

digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, taking accessibility into account, iterating on designs, determining responsive design


persona img
  • Age: 30
  • Education: Technical School
  • Family: in a relationship


  • Collect a set of documents for the contract
  • To know if they can handle the matters
  • Find transfer details quickly


  • "I forgot to note what documents are needed for this sale"
  • "These websites are so messy, You can not find anything here"

“I'm always in a hurry, I like to have easy access, also from my mobile phone, to the documents I need.”


Peter is an energetic and amitious enterpreneur running his own company. Peter often needs notary services to conclude contracts and regulate legal issues related to running a business. Peter values an ​​effectiveness, clarity and speed of action.


Design the information website not overwhelming the content and to be clear and modern in appearance for the user.





Accesibility considerations: Large, clear, clickable images, readable typography, high contrast, consistency. The website has been optimized for visibility in the Google search engine and adjusted for visibility in other search engines.

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